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If you’ve been considering hiring a contractor to clean your windows in Niagara, you may be asking yourself questions like:

  • How often should I have my windows cleaned?
  • Do I really “need” to clean my windows?
  • Is paying for a professional really worth it?

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Window Cleaning Basics

Window cleaning removes contaminants from the exterior surface of windows to enhance their appearance and prolong their life. Although some homes are naturally exposed to more dirt and pollutants than others, window cleaning is an essential periodic maintenance task for a homeowner. Besides the obvious benefit of clean windows on the exterior of your home, periodic cleaning will preserve the life of your windows in the long run by preventing the premature breakdown of the seals.

Window Cleaning Methods

Cleaning residential windows is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a thorough process to ensure the best possible finished result. Different methods must be practiced to achieve this goal properly, and most window cleaning companies specialize in just one or two of these methods. Work from the top down with your preferred method, following all safety precautions.

Spray your cleaning solution onto the glass pane. Using a microfiber scrubbing cloth brush, scrub the surface of the pane and all the edges.

Place a squeegee at a 90-degree angle with the surface and remove the cleaning solution by running it downwards. Turn the squeegee vertically and run it from left to right across the pane, leaving a smooth finish.

Finally, wipe the glass surface and edges clean with a dry microfiber towel to remove streaks and any remaining residue.

Window Cleaning Benefits

Professional window cleaning services can restore glass to its original luster, making it look almost new again. Spending time and money on window cleaning can help homes increase their curb appeal, and make them more valuable in the marketplace.

Nowadays, there is plenty of discussion around mental health and personal wellness. It is commonly known that having a clean and organized space decreases stress and improves mood. We think clean windows play a big role in having a clean space. Looking out of a clean window will definitely improve your mood!

Window Cleaning Equipment

Residential window cleaning companies use an assortment of equipment to clean your windows. While some methods are more labor-intensive than others, most companies agree that starting with a pressure washer is the best option. This is where we disagree!

We prefer to clean windows by hand only. From our experience cleaning windows for more than 20 years, pressure washers are too powerful for residential use. Residential windows often need a more delicate touch by an experienced technician to prolong the life of your windows and prevent damage to your home.

We are experts at the operation of a window squeegee. There are certain techniques that minimize the time it takes to clean a window and minimize the streaks that are leftover. We also use soft microfiber cloths to wipe away any streaks and leftover residue.

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“The two gentlemen who cleaned my windows did a fantastic job! I have a lot of windows in some hard to reach places. They were also very helpful in answering some questions I had about the spider spray. Overall I am delighted with the outcome and their service. I highly recommend this company.”

Linda Kelly


Key Factors

How often you should have your windows washed is very dependent on where you live and the environmental conditions in the area. Lake front properties will require more frequent cleanings. Dusty areas may also require more frequent cleanings. When we give you an estimate, we’ll recommend a certain number of cleanings per year based on our experience cleaning similar windows in your area. Twice per year cleanings are the most common.

Yes, you really do need to clean your windows. Failure to clean them at all will significantly reduce their life. The seals and edges will wear prematurely without basic cleaning maintenance. Once the seals breakdown, the window becomes drafty and will continue to waste more and more energy as the years go by.

Paying for a professinal is truly worth it! Window cleaning is a tough task for a homeowner. It takes a lot of time and often involves working at heights. Typically, people value their time so much that they’d rather pay us to clean their windows while they spend their time on a higher value task, or they simply relax and enjoy their leisure time.


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